Overview Returns

Once one of Outshifter's suppliers has delivered a product, Outshifter allows the final customer to return it if it fits into some requirements. The returns solution enables a partner to create a new return, validating some key points and delivering information in the process.
Learn all about Outshifter returns at:
Note that in the returns solution the base URL is:

In short

All brands are required to accept returns and comply with our standard return policy. This involves supporting a 14 day return period and providing us with information regarding how and where the customer should return an item.


  • All customers purchasing a product distributed through Outshifter, receive a link to our automated online returns form. You, as a partner, may generate your own frontend with the information in this API solution.
  • If the customer fills out the form and initiates a return, the seller will be notified by email and on its Outshifter dashboard.
  • The seller doesn't need to do anything. The brand(s) will be notified and will have to approve or decline the returned product(s), based on the condition they receive them in.
  • Outshifter handles the payments and reimbursements.