Getting started
Learn initial steps to begin the Outshifter journey


To access the Outshifter API, combine the base URL + endpoint, for example to "retrieve an order" construct the URL to call like this BASE URL for environment + /users/me/orders/ →
Use the testing environments to get familiarized with API behaviour and try out things; use the live environments to start real transactions with Outshifter.
Use HTTPS for all your interactions with the Outshifter API.
Base URL Live (production) =
Base URL Testing (playground) =

Get Api Key (user token)

Create user in Outshifter

The first step is to create a user in Outshifter. Go to:
  • Create seller
To create a seller user, you just have to complete the form below, click register and that's it. You now have a new Outshifter user.

Generate Api key

One you have created the user, go to
and click on the create button.
This will automatically generate the Api Key for this user. You can begin to use this as an authentication method for all the api requests.


You need to be authenticated and supply a token for all API requests. Every user in the Outshifter platform has an authorization token or Api Key.
Nothing will work unless you include the API token
Add the API token to the request in the headers as an authorization key.


User Api Key example: RPMEQ4W-BXA44VW-Q6TVA8X-K12RVGJ
headers: {
authorization: RPMEQ4W-BXA44VW-Q6TVA8X-K12RVGJ