Data Reference

The data types used for the most important fields and examples of defined objects, e.g. a product or a user.
An overview of the general data types used in the API as well as specifics regarding user data and product data.

General Data Types


We use the ISO 4217 standard for defining currencies. Examples are USD, GBP, EUR or SEK.
"priceCurrency": "USD"


Product prices should include decimals.
"price": 100.00


Dates are expressed according to the ISO 8601 standard with combined date, time and timezone. In some cases, we also accept values in the YYYY-MM-DD format, for example when filtering. Check the body request examples on each endpoint.
"createdAt": "2018-08-08T08:37:22Z",
"dateFrom": "1981-09-06"


Strings may be up to 255 characters, unless otherwise noted in the field description.

Locale & Country

Locales should be formatted as a language tag consisting of a two-letter language code combined with a two-letter country code according to RFC 5646. Examples are en-us for US English, en-gb for British English and nb-no for Norwegian.
Countries are handled as two-letter country codes according to ISO 3166 alpha-2. Examples are US for the United States, GB for Great Britain and NO for Norway.
"locale": "nb-no",
"country": "NO"

Data types

Product data, object explanations and user data are explained in further detail in the two following subsections:
  • Product Data
  • User data