The sales channel is a package that has agreed to deliver to a partner in order to interact with the Outshifter solution. The purpose is to enable Outshifter to make purchases on behalf of sellers, using third-parties applications such as Klarna or Stripe.
The provided solution allows you to:
  • Get information about a storefront owner / seller
  • Choose saved products from a specific seller, applying filters
  • Acquire detailed information about the selected products
  • Get information about the stock of the products
  • Place an order and cancel an order
  • Payment Options: Klarna, Credit/Debit card (Stripe)
  • Get shipping rates for the selected products at checkout
Additional features:
  • Trigger notifications by email when a new order or order status is changed
  • Get all orders from a storefront owner / seller (sold through that storefront)
  • Get sales statistics for a specific seller and storefront
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