An overview of the features included in the Channel API
The Channel API enables you to fetch product data from your Outshifter Catalog to your own surface. For instance, in order to sell products natively in your game, application or webpage. How a you choose to display or work with the data is highly customizable. The API comes with a set of functionalities and integrations:
  • Get information about a storefront owner / channel.
  • Choose saved products from a specific supplier and apply filters.
  • Acquire detailed information about selected products.
  • Get information about the inventory levels (stock)
  • Place and cancel orders.
  • Payment Options: Klarna, Credit/Debit card (Stripe)
  • Get shipping rates for the selected products at checkout.
  • Trigger email notifications when a new order or order status is changed.
  • Get all orders from a storefront owner / channel (sold through that storefront).
  • Get sales statistics for a specific channel and storefront.