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The “Outshifter Blocks” plugin lets Channels connect their WordPress with Outshifter to start selling products.


Outshifter is the API for product data access. Channels can use Outshifter to get access to product data from multiple Suppliers.
The “Outshifter Blocks” plugin lets Channels connect their WordPress with Outshifter to start selling products on their WordPress pages and posts. It enables Channels to select and automatically import products from Outshifter to their WordPress with one click. Outshifter ensures that product data, stock, fulfillment, and shipping information is synchronized with each of the Suppliers eCommerce systems.



  • Log in to your WordPress account
  • You can find the plugin here:
Outshifter Embed Commerce
  • Click on Plugins in your WordPress sidebar menu.
  • Look for the Add New button, and press it.
  • In the plugin search tab, write “Outshifter Blocks” and click Search.
  • Click the Install Now button and wait for it to install correctly.
  • Once it has been installed you must click the Activate button.
The plugin is now ready to be connected with your Outshifter account.


Once the plugin is installed and activated, you have to connect it with your Outshifter account using the Outshifter API Key.
Make sure you have created an Outshifter Channel account. To apply for an account, please fill out this form.
  • In your WordPress, look for the section called "Outshifter Blocks" in the left sidebar menu.
  • Once you've clicked it, it will ask you for your Outshifter API Key.
The Outshifter API Key can be obtained by logging in to your Outshifter account.
  • Look for the button: Edit Profile in the top right corner of your dashboard, it will take you to your account settings.
  • Head over to the Sales Channels section, there you will see a section called API Key.
  • If you don't have a key created click on the Create button.
  • When you have the Key click on Copy.
  • Finally, paste the Key into the input field, and click Connect.
Once the connection has been made, it is time to configure and customize the different parameters of the plugin.


To configure and customize the plugin, you have to go through four different configuration categories:


  • Choose the default currency you want to use, and add your Stripe ID and your Stripe Key.
  • You also have the option to add tracking and analytics through Mixpanel, Hotjar, and Google Analytics

Configuration Update

For the users that don't have Gutemberg on their WordPress there is a new feature that allows you to create Shortcodes for your post and publish the products there. To activate it turn on the switch called Gutemberg is not implemented on this WordPress and save the changes.
A Shortcodes tab will appear and then you will be able to create your shortcodes with the products you chose and then you can add this shortcode on you Wordpress posts.
  • Add the logo you want to appear in your checkout.
Do not use the Outshifter logo or icon.


  • Select a background color and font style.
  • Edit the shop icon, the color of the shop text and shop button.
  • Select a general button style and color.
  • Select the title style by adjusting title alignment and adjust the titles font size.


  • Choose a style for the Product Cards and select the alignment of the text. You can also adjust where you want the product purchase method to appear.


The plugin offers 4 different types of shortcodes Single Product, Two Products, Carousel, and Shop.
  • First of all, we must activate the switch called Upload product images to the media library to be able to upload the images of the products in the WordPress library.
  • Select the type of shortcode you want to use on the Shortcode editor dropdown.
  • Select the product you want to show on the post/page.
  • Give the shortcode a title and a name to be able to identify it.
  • Save the changes and copy the shortcode that appears once you saved the changes.
All the shortcodes that you create will appear in the Saved Shortcodes section.


The plugin comes with 6 different types of Blocks that you can add to your WordPress pages & posts.

Adding a Block:

  • Go to Pages or Posts (depending on where you want the block to appear).
  • Select a new post/page (or use an already created one).
  • From the sidebar select the + button.
  • Find the Outshifter blocks section and add the block you want to use.

The various Blocks

  • Banner Block - The Banner block allows you to add a banner to your posts or pages. Select the image you want to use and save the changes.
  • Single Product - The Single Product block allows you to select one product and add it to your posts or pages. Once the block is selected, a button called Choose Product will appear. From there select the desired product and it will be automatically be added to the block.
  • Two Products - The Two Products block has the same function as the Single Product block, but as the name entails, it allows you to add two products. To populate the block with products, select the two desired products from the Choose Product option and they will be automatically added to the block.
  • Carousel - The Carousel block offers you the possibility to add 5 products in the same block. This way your users can navigate between different products within a carousel. To add the products, click on Change Products, select the products you want and then Save the changes. The selected products will automatically be added to the block.
  • Shop - The Shop block lets you add up to 14 products in the same block. You can also limit it to either 4 or 7 products. To add the products, click on Change Products, select the products you want and then Save the changes. The selected products will automatically be added to the block.

Blocks Customization

Each block offers the possibility of being customized. The customization is divided into 3 sections: Title, Settings and Product Card Apparence.


The Title section allows you to name the block in order to better identify it for future use.


In the Settings section, you can select the type of layout you want for your WordPress post or page. There are two layout variations; Masonry and Shop.
  • You can choose between 4, 7 or 14 products in the block.
  • You can change the background color of the layout.

Product Card Apparence

From Product Card Apparence you can access four different customization sections.
  • Adjust the aspect ratio that you want the product card to have on your block. There are 5 different styles.
  • Set the thickness of the card border.
  • Select the alignment of the text.
  • Choose what items should be displayed on the product card: Product Title, Price, Supplier, and whether to display the Purchase Button.


If you need help or have any questions, please don't hesitate in reaching out to our support team.
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