Learn what's included in our GraphQL for Channels API.
The GraphQL Channel API comes with the following default functionality:
  • Catalogs: Find and select products from your Outshifter Catalog, using filters.
  • Product data: Acquire data and detailed information about the selected products.
  • Stock: Get information about a product´s inventory level and status.
  • Checkout: Create a checkout and shopping cart.
  • Orders: Place an order and cancel an order.
  • Payment: Implement a payment provider, e.g. Klarna or Stripe.
  • Shipping: Get shipping rates for the selected products at checkout.
Additional features:
  • Suppliers: Get information about a Supplier to display on your Channel.
  • Notifications: Trigger email notifications to Customers when a new order or order status is changed.
  • Statistics: Get sales and performance statistics.
Last modified 7mo ago